DIY - Decorative tape frames

This is a cheap and surprisingly relaxing DYI that can transform the dullest walls. If you are renting somewhere this is a perfect way to avoid nailing frames up and ruining your walls, using tape also means you can easily change up what you have displayed if you get bored. 

You will need:
A selection of tapes
Scissors or a craft knife
postcards, photos or whatever you wish to display

 Begin by taping up a single image and work around that as it can be difficult to judge how much space you will need around each frame. I plotted my display out on my bed first to make sure I would like how it looked.

Use a variety of different patterns, thicknesses and textures with your tape and try out a mix of simple and more complicated frame shapes. I love the art deco style design that I used with a David Hockney doggie illustration. If you make a mistake then you can simply peel of the tape and start again, I guarantee that afterwards your walls will feel instantly more marvellous. Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful idea I think that It will be fit for the Mirror TV as a Newest Frame Design .. I hope that in your up-coming blog post it will have the Latest Design for it ! Keep it up & Have a Wonderful Day ..

    1. Sadly I moved house so I had to take them down, still so fun to do though!