Fabric Printing Tutorial + Paint Dipped Jars

Today I have a few super simple fabric printing techniques to show you using lino blocks and foam sheets. I took a trip to an art shop near me and the supplies cost less than £20. I now have a bumper pack of foam sheets - I guess I've got a lot more printing ahead of me. 

What you'll need:

Fabric Paint or Acrylic
Foam Sheets
Mount Board or Thick Card
PVA Glue
Roller or Sponge
Lino Cutters
Craft Knife

Warm your lino up slightly on a radiator so it is easier to cut, then select the lino blade size you would like to use. Cutting lino is simple but can be dangerous if you slip and cut yourself, so be careful. Gently push the blade down into the lino slightly and glide along to cut - I went for simple stripes. The areas you cut out of your lino will not pick up any ink and the areas that you leave will pick up the ink, your design should be quite simple if its your first go. 

Once I finished my lino cutting I moved on to making the foam stamps. You can easily cut out shapes using scissors as the foam sheets are thin and easy to cut into lots of designs. Again I chose stripes but also some polka dots, I love wonky shapes. When your designs are cut out of the foam use PVA glue to mount them onto thick card our mounting board. 

You now have your lino and foam stamps ready to ink up. I used textile paint but acrylic paint is a cheaper option. On some newspaper pour out a little ink and ink up a roller or sponge evenly, use your chosen tool to cover your stamps in a thin, even coating of ink. Once your stamp is inked place it carefully down on your fabric and apply even pressure and lift to reveal your stamp! Smoother fabrics like fine cotton work best but I also like the bumpy imperfect texture of linen. I used some fabric I had previously dyed using rust, flowers and fruit as well as a plain natural linen. Wait a few hours for the paint to dry and iron to set. 

These techniques are very simple and inexpensive so you can easily enjoy printing fabric at home. Try printing onto cushion covers, napkins or tote bags! Please scroll down to the bottom of the post where you can see how made a jam jar into a pretty pen holder or tea light.

Whilst I was waiting for my fabrics to dry I also diped a jam jar in emulsion paint to keep my pens in. I love how to dipped trend is sticking around for Spring and Summer. I may add a second layer of cream coloured paint too.

I hope you enjoyed these two tutorials!


  1. These are great tutorials! I'm going to get myself some supplies! x

  2. Ahh so simple but looks great, nice shade of blue on your jar too! I've been wanting to try printing with carved lino for ages, might have to take a trip to the craft shop this weekend x

  3. Great job Nancy, I loved it!
    Thanks for this :)

  4. Thanks guys, I'm really glad that you liked it. I hope you get some lovely printing done.

  5. I so utterly LOVE both of these projects. Come and re-do my home yeah??

  6. Hi Nicola, thanks! I bet you can do them both dead easy. I use that jar as a toothbrush holder now!