Dyeing With Flowers by Free People

I received an email from my lovely friend Parusha a few days ago asking for eco dye tips and tricks. I practised A LOT of natural and eco dyeing whilst at uni and consider myself to be somewhat of a pro scavenger for dyeing materials, strawberries are a particular favourite of mine. Whilst thinking of some techniques for Parusha I remembered by favourite from my uni days. Simply scattering petals on to cloth, rolling it all up using a branch and steam the flower and fabric wrap into oblivion. I found a great online tutorial for this on the Free People blog which you can read here.

Here are some very pretty examples of my natural dyeing - I will be making these into zip bags soon. Stand by for a block printing tutorial featuring these fabrics.


  1. These are stunning. I love the soft colour it's created for your fabric. Do you have to set them with anything? Would make a pretty summer top!

  2. You can soak the fabric in vinegar and water before hand to set it but the steam itself does a great job

  3. thank you so much for sharing. the result is really beautiful!