Swap Box Guide

Thanks to all of you that have expressed an interest in Swap Box, due to the popularity of the idea its going to take me a long time to send all your boxes out. The first four people will have their packages zooming to them in two months at the latest. I'm making this a bi-monthly thing, so one box every two weeks will be posted. 

If you just can't wait I suggest that I assign you to one another. That way you'll still get lovely boxes but a lot quicker as you won't be waiting for me to put them all together for you. I will collect the names of those of you that want to take part and I'll be in touch individually with the name and adress of your Box Swap partner. 

Please take a look at suggested gift ideas above. I propose a budget of £20 per box, and please make sure you include lots of lovely handmade bits. Extra fancy wrapping and a wee note are also encouraged, lets make these boxes the best things to ever be delivered by Mr Postman. 

Whenever I send / receive a box out I will upload photos onto the blog and my Facebook / Twitter pages. I can't wait to see what everyone gets so please share your own photos with me too! 


  1. I am still interested in doing this! Email is onjelaijohnson@gmail.com

    1. I am collecting everyones emails and will be sending out info and your partners name and address very soon!

  2. I love this idea! count me in, my email is frithastrickland at hotmail dot com xx

  3. Really like your site. Quick note that your patterned tape link doesn't load because the link is messed up "http://www.http-.com//www.shopterrain.com/gifts-under-25/garden-greetings-tape".