Box Swap

I was thinking the other day how lovely it is to get nice things through the post. I recently got sent a packet of goodies through my letter box from my best friend, I'm a bit of a sap but it really was so nice to receive lots of nice bits from someone lovely. This got me thinking that it might be an idea to make it a regular thing, be that with friends or strangers. In fact, I've just posted a bunch of little presents to a friend in Berlin.

I'd like to invite anyone interested in doing a parcel swap with me to comment or email. I really enjoy collecting nice objects and treats together to send off to someone, so if you would like to be sent a parcel of joy and in return send me one please let me know. I'm going to include lots of bits and bobs from my shop so if you also make things, well thats a bonus.

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  1. Hi Nancy - I love this idea! I was only thinking today about this kind of thing. I used to do this every now and again with friends and really miss it!
    I'd love to swap a parcel with you, if you're interested! You can see the kind of thing I get up to at my Etsy shop ( or my website ( Let me know!

    (Love the gorgeous pics above, too.)

    Take care,
    Kellee :)

  2. Hi Nancy, what a great idea...I'd love to join in! My email is I love doing swaps and choosing gifts for people so this sounds like a lot of fun. Rachel x

  3. I love a swap! Id be interested in going my email onjelaijohnson (At )

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys. Because quite a few people seem keen I'm going to do another blog post to explain guidelines and any tips, I also need to organise when all the box swapping will happen!