Christmas Decorating

Wrapping From Old Family Photos
Hand Blown Baubles
Recipe Cards
Gift Topper
Coasters / Tree Decorations
Mistletoe Decal
Monogrammed Tags
Bunny Ornaments
 Green Garland
Painted Tags
Hand Stamped Leaves
Crochet Decorations
Ruffled Ornaments

I wanted to do a quick Christmas decor round up post as I've seen so many beautiful festive things online the past few weeks. 

It might be a bit late, but, if nothing else should have you feeling excited about your Christmas celebrations. The images are a collection of objects you can buy or make, taken from shops and talented crafts people. I do think however that if you have time you could make pretty much everything I've posted here yourself.


  1. Adorable. <3


  2. I adore the bunny ornaments and those home blown baubles. The latter I'd be too scared of breaking.