Toast - christmas lookbook

Even if it is a wee bit early posting this, bah I really don't care. I'm already planning Christmas parties with friends and I'm dressing up as the Star of Bethlehem in case you're wondering.  During party conversations I have found myself getting very high-spirited over the whole thing and spotting this Christmas lookbook on Toast's website just pumped my festive delight up to ten.  My family home is near the sea so maybe a gallop on the beach... in my Pjs...on a stallion is on the cards for me too.

Toast have some gorgeous decorations and gifts this year, very handy if you're stuck for mum ideas.


  1. Stop it! I've had to burn my catalogue as I am dreamily staring at it all day long! Toast is the biggest temptation known to women! x

    1. My studio is REALLY near a toast. I'm going to try an go in without spending a fortune!

  2. Amazing pics! So inspirating!!

    the Sunset is