The List

Animal Hide Rug
Cosy / Smart Jumper
Geometric Blankets
Pixie Dust Yarn
Super Baggy Knit
Any Henry Moore Book
Mustard Jacket
Margaret Howell x Ercol Furniture
Mid-Century Ceramics
Mini Totem
Something Sparkly
 Orla Radio
Fancy Bedding
Brown Boots
Delicate Jewelry 
Tartine Bread Book
Any Wiksten Knit
Wool Dress
Dipped Cups
Awesome Mags
Hair Pretties

I wanted this to be the ultimate visual Christmas list. It consists of things I need, things I want, and things I would have in my dreamland fantasy. It took quite a bit of time to collect these beautiful items together, like a splattering of christmas hope. Its awesome in a "I want this to be real" sort of way. Materialistic? I hope you enjoy browsing through them and I hope that they also make your present buying a little easier this year. 

That final image is an illustration by Joe Kessler and I want to give him a shout out on here as he is a mega talent. My boyfriend Simon has recently published Joe's first and very fine book which launches next week at Protein Gallery.