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Tasha McKelvey Mini Tray
Leah Duncan Prints
Mini Moderns Espresso Set
Jonna Saarine Trays
Bookhou at Home Pouch

Heute Schmidt

Its my my mum's birthday in a week and whilst checking out lovely things online I thought I would do a wee blog post about what I found. I think this stuff would suite most girly birthdays. 


  1. That Alchemy necklace is awesome. You just gave me an idea for a DIY ;). Thanks for sharing!


  2. I just got here somehow and am surprised to see our bag shown among those beautiful finds... thank you :-) Have a nice sunday!

  3. Oh hello there! Thanks for mentioning my necklace! I feel very flattered to have one of my pieces next to all of this other beautiful work. Especially Leah Duncan - I love her work so much - I've got a few of her cushion covers.

    You've got a really sweet blog here. :)