Photographic Styling Lesson 1

For the first lesson I wanted to run through the photography kit that I use. Its a pretty basic one that is made up of the Canon DSLR 50D and a 50 mm lens. I also occasionally use the standard lens that came with the camera when I need to take wider shots. 

The 50D is a great camera for what I need to do, which is take some really nice shots and HD film with a simple to use camera. I have always used Canons and I can't really fault them. The first DSLR camera I used was the 1000D, which, in my opinion is the perfect entry level camera if you are just starting to get into photography. Now, I know that DSLRs are expensive but if you want to begin taking good photos they are invaluable. A cheap digital camera probably won't do the job. 

Now as for the lens, I like to use a 50mm because this lens has the ability to create shallow depth of field effects. This gives photographs a lovely focus on key elements of what you're shooting while the rest of the shot is blurred. This is obviously great for me as I can really focus heavily on the grain of my fabrics. The disadvantage of this however is that you may not be able to fit everything in the shot unless you stand way back. The standard lens that comes with the camera is fine for taking wider shots, therefore you can fit more into the photo. Its good to have both lenses so you can switch between macro detail and standard wide shots. 

If you have any questions or want to raise a point that I havent covered in this post please comment below and i'll get back to you and add it to the info above! 

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  1. Great advice! I have a point and shoot camera and am trying to decide if I should buy a light box to make my pictures better or should I just get a new camera. Any thoughts on that? I would be using my camera to shoot products.

  2. I only ever use natural light as I find things can get confusing once you introduce lighting. But a soft box might improve the quality of you pictures if you dont want to commit to a DSLR.

  3. Thanks for responding Nancy! I think I'll take your advice and purchase the Canon 1000D. What do you recommend for the flash?

  4. The canon speedlite would be a good flash but I never use a flash when I'm shooting, just sunlight :)