Craft Fair + Blog Sale

Here is the stand I created for my first craft fair. I was pretty nervous setting it all up as it as such a new experience but I don't think it looked too bad, still room for improvement though. What would you guys recommend I do next time? Your ideas would be much appreciated.

In other news, I have decided to have a blog sale. I have a lot of leftover stock from the craft fair so I thought I'd give my blog lovers a special discount. Below is a list of what is available if you'd like to buy anything please email me or comment below and i'll be in touch with payment details. Get you shopping hats on:

Grey Coffee Bean Cushions x 6 £20 each (usually £35)

Brown Coffee Bean Cushions x 6 £20 each (usually £35)

Sky Blue Petal Cushions x 2 £15 each (usually £25) ONE LEFT

Pink / Purple Watercolour Cushions x 1 £15 each (usually £25) SOLD

Blue /  Green Watercolour Cushions x 1 £15 each (usually £25) SOLD

Pink / Purple Watercolour Tie Pouch x 1 £4.50 each (usually £6)

Blue /  Green Watercolour Tie Pouch x 1 £4.50 each (usually £6)

Watering Can Pocket Mirror x 8 £3 each (usually £4)

Blue Floral Pocket Mirror x 10 £3 each (usually £4)

Peach Floral Pocket Mirror x 10 £3 each (usually £4)

Scalloped Pocket Mirror x 10 £3 each (usually £4)

Blue Stripe Pocket Mirror x 10 £3 each (usually £4)

Purple / Maroon Woodland Themed Craft Kit x 10  £6 each (usually £8)

Peach / Blue Gardening Themed Craft Kit x 10 £6 each (usually £8)

Pink / Green Seeds and Herbs Craft Kit x 10 £6 each (usually £8)

Stitched Spine A6 Notebook x 8  £4 each (usually £5)

Triangle Risograph Printed A5 Notebook x 8  £4 each (usually £5)

Bunting x 2 £5 each (usually £7)   SOLD

Mini Bunting x 2 £3 each (usually £5)

Got all that? Thats a lot of stuff so if you need more details please check out my Etsy page right here or comment if you have any questions. Make sure you dont miss out, if you like something get in touch :)

P.S I can ship internationally and i'll be using the Royal Mail price finder to calculate p+p costs.


  1. Congrats on your first craft fair! I think your booth looks great. One thing I've liked in the past is when people hang up their smaller products or use mini carousels to showcase them better. That way you can see them from farther away, which is great since fairs can get so crowded. :)

  2. Thanks Patti, I agree with you there. Things need to be easier to see from afar :)

  3. yes I agree - people admire my stall for having height. I create different levels using up turned boxes under the table cloth, and have a wooden hanging thing (I don't know what to call it) that sits on the table top but is not quite a metre high. Other than that your stuff looks lovely x

  4. Hi Nancy, I've just discovered your blog through Heart & Home magazine, though I found your beautiful fabrics a while ago via Print and Pattern. I love the subtle palettes and textures that you use in your designs. Are you on Pinterest? I know it can be a massive time sponge but it does have some really useful stuff on it, I recently repinned a 2 part checklist for preparing for a craft fair which looks really useful - have a look at my pins if you like, I'm collecting business advice on my 'it's business time' board. Good luck with future fairs! Rachel Mansi

  5. Hi Rachel, thanks for such a lovely comment. I'm thrilled to hear you like my textiles. I am on pintrest and I love it! here's the link to my boards I'll definitely check out your craft fair check list, thank you!

  6. An idea would have been to use a old chair on table for pillow display and edge of chair could havehooks for other items and over the back you could lay fabric.also if you are able behind table lay lattice up against wall use s hooks to hang items.I have found that people are atrracted to displays of items working together. Your itms are beautiful think of it as setting up a photo shoot for a magazine. Keep up the great work Tracy from Baegz