Printing, Drawing and Reading

 Block Printed Bag
 Drawings of Pots and Glasses
 Printed Vase Bag in Pink
 Printed Vase Bag in Blue
Stem Drawings
Mustard / Grey and Pink / Brown Spot Printed Bags
Library and Purchased Books
 Petite Pattern Book - Autumn and Winter
Homemade - Gorgeous things to Make with Love by Elsbeth Thompson
Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl

Here are a few snap shots I've taken around my creative bit of space recently. I've been enjoying printing onto tote bags immensely. These, plus many more designs, will be available to buy at the Cabbages and Kings craft market on the 14th -15th of April at Abney Hall in Stoke Newington, London. Pop along if you want to see what I'll be selling. I've also joined my local library which has some lovely craft and cookery books. There's been some amazing sunsets in the studio, its nice to know I'm not a alone in enjoying pretty skies, all the gang have been snapping photos. 


  1. Beautiful print and drawings! I'll try and come along to that craft market if I can as I'm at home. Just very far on the opposite side of London! Do you recommend any really good craft/ textile/ printing books? xx

  2. ahh those tote bags are lovely, again all my fav colours ha :)

  3. Thanks Guys! Polly- I've just emailed you a list of books I love. I think I might do a blog post on the subject actually!