Iron on Fabric Transfer Tutorial

After the positive feedback I received about my potato printing tutorial, here it is in case you missed it, I have decided to continue to teach another simple way for you to print onto fabric at home. All you need is an iron, transfer paper like Avery, and some fabric, I used tote bags but you can print onto anything. 
 Print out your design onto the fancy transfer paper by following the instructions. Then cut around the edges as close as possible so you avoid big blocks of clear shiny transfer around your motif.
 Place your motif face down onto your fabric, play around until you are happy with the placement.
 Iron down with a very hot iron for about thirty seconds, but be careful not to burn your fabric. I recommend a hard surface as an ironing board can't hold the heat as well, I used my desk.
 Peel back your designs, and tah dah. How easy was that? Go and make yourself a cuppa, you earned it.
 Now you have some super fancy printed fabric in a matter of minutes. Tote bags are great to print onto as you'll have a finished product you can use right away.
 I also printed a cross motif and my friend Ciara, who's awesome website is here, did a lovely green hill design. Be warned, doing this sort of printing can be very addictive!

If you would like to learn more about printing onto tote bags I am running a print making class over at the lovely Shipshape Studio in London on the 17th of March. You can book here on their website

Let me know how your project goes! 

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