My graphic designer boyfriend Paul Price has recently been featured on the Nylon, and Design Sponge blogs. His interventionist street art project called "Signs of Affection" have been so popular, people have been going mental over his work the past few days! I am so proud of him.

If you have a chance please have a wee looksies at the features here and here. He deserves some recognition and support for his amazing work, blub blub blubing girlfriend moment! Yay for Paul.

See his blogs here and here and portfolio website here. Thank you!


  1. Nancy, those are such thoughtful signs. Don't apologize for being a proud girlfriend- I would be doing the same exact thing. Congrats to Paul. Going to check out those links now...


  2. cool post:)x stop by sometime if you have time:)x

  3. This blog is pretty and so are you.
    X David, NYC