FMP: Texture

I am hoping that my final collection of fashion prints might look a little something like this.


  1. Lovely!
    I went to Indigo in Paris a couple of weeks ago and saw your university showing designs. I know they weren't from your year but they were really inspiring! Kind of wish I'd applied to your uni now! x

  2. yes, they do look good don't they.
    also, does fmp stand for 'final major project'?
    i'll be starting my final major in a few weeks. and i'm a little scared!

  3. Polly, one girl off my course sold some of her designs at Indigo and made £2500! Some people on my course are so amazing, its a bit overwhelming how talented they are. I really enjoy my course, its so fun and inspiring.

    Nicola, yeah FMP does stand for final major project. How scary! I am freaking out about it already, I've set myself a difficult task! Good luck to you.


  4. Wow that's amazing! I'm glad you enjoy your course, it's a bit late for me to join it as I'm all settled in at Bath school of art now and I'm liking this course too. But let me know when your final show is and maybe I'll come and see it! x