I have been attempting to write my dissertation recently I am am getting thoroughly confused by it all. Its basically about sustainability within the fashion industry. My first few chapters are based on the fashion cycle, trends, consumerism and what problems they cause. Here are the a few points on what I have written so far...

  • Fashion cycle and how trends work.
  • Celebrities as fashion leaders (briefly, to be covered in detail later)
  • The 1970's counter culture to trends, synthetic dyes and fabrics. The popularity of making your own clothes grew and then again in the 90's
  • Discussion on why this counterculture did not stick, and what it would mean for the fashion industry if it did.
  • Value clothing stores such as Primark and peacocks / weekly trends cheaply available
  • Why we buy so much / consumerism
  • How our shopping habbits are feeding the use of poorly paid workers in sweatshops
  • What would happen to the people working in these conditions if we stopped using sweatshops, would they find work elsewhere?
What I've done is very broad, and in need of some serious refinement, it would be interesting to know how you feel about these points or sustainability in general, so if anyone would like to comment, go right ahead!

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