New Stuffs

Rip off Balenciaga Black Harness Ankle Boots from eBay, I cannot wait for these to get here.

Maxi dress from the kids section in H&M £7.99. It may be a bit weird buying kids clothing but it is cheaper, and as long as it fits me who will be able to tell?

Another kids item, this time out of necessity because adult sizes bracelets never fit my teeny wrists! £1.99

Spike rings £1.99 (I think?) I am abso-bloody-lutely loving goth/punk stuff at the mo.

Topshop khaki sleeveless jacket hoody thing £10 in the sale.

Beautiful pink and gray hoody from H&M, longer length at the back, and look at the zip detail. Yum. Mummy Straughan wants to steal this, which is always a sign of an excellent purchase.

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