My FMP From My Foundation Degree

At The time I was really proud of what I managed to create for my final major project at the end of my foundation, and I got at distinction yaaaay! So I thought I'd show you my collection. My theme was based on Art Deco architecture in theaters and cinemas.


  1. wow this is amazing, im currently studying art n design this is my second year and im doing FMP right about now, its difficult to know what theme i want to do- i always combined 2d artist with my work and my final ends up 3d (usally i get merits and distinctions) but this time (FMP) im really stuck, would be much appreciated if u helped me out on themes - thank you

  2. Well, whenever I get stuck I always think about what I would want to create, forget abut tutors and grades. You have to do what you love otherwise there's no point!