Habitat Room Divider Design

Paper trees to illustrate how the panels could be arranged to let more or less light through.

Illustrator illustrations suggesting what my tree panels might have looked like

Quick initial Illustrator work

I also tried out an idea that a mountain or leaf motif could be printed onto a sheer fabric

At the beging of the year Habitat's senior product designer chose my university and course ( Printed Textiled and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art yo!) to design a range of room dividers. The lucky person's design would be made into production and would also be offered a work placement. Unfortunately my design wasn't chosen (although my designs were chosen by the lovely people at tiger print for my card designs. yay.)

My idea for Habitat was for a movable room divider. It was designed so that a customer can arrange the trees to create their own indoor woodland. Each tree would have been made out of thin sheets of wood and sold in packs so that the customer can choose how many trees they want to buy. The end result might look like cut out trees used in plays for stage props. I also suggested an idea of panels of fabric with trees printed on them that could be hung in various places around a room.

I liked the idea of using a laser cutter to scorch bark like markings into to trees, or simply print the bark onto them.

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