Fashion Styling

Ok so I promised that I would upload the images from the photo shoot I helped style. Basically I was asked to style a few models for a new shopping mall that has recently opened in Newcastle. I talk about it here.

The aim is to get more families shopping in this particular mall. The models were meant to represent a perfect family and were chosen out of the general public. They had never modeled before and were fantastic (especially my gorgeous teenager).

It was three days of very hard work, the theme of the shoots were changed last minute a few times, which meant had very little time to pick out completely new outfits from the shops in Newcastle. I was rushing around town trying to get circus themed and spring time outfits in the middle of January. Quite difficult! But it was so much fun and I am so grateful for the experience.
The clothing I was asked to pick out weren't really my style but its part of the job to be able to see past personal taste and pick something the client likes.

The clothing and accessories in these shots were chosen and styled by me...

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