I did this!

Images from the massively icky and boring Eldon Square website. Fashion styling by meeeee.
(click to enlarge)

Just wanted to let you know quickly that I helped style an ad campain for a brand new 170 million pound redevelopment shopping mall that has just opened in Newcastle, housing a huuuuuge new Topshop, and I mean huge, Apple Mac store, Holister (which looks like some weird italian villa) amongst loads more new amazing massive shops.

I have loads of pics to show you from the shoot but my camera ran out of battery, boo! I'll post about that in detail soon.

here are some pics i nicked of google showing you inside the mall, it doesn't do it justice, I got all hot and bothered when i saw the topshop!

ps i NEED to figure out how to make my images bigger without them getting blurry

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