Cosy Knits in Cornwall

Simon and I recently had a magical trip to Cornwall, I'll be writing all about it in my next post. Whilst we were there I wore a few cosy pieces from local Newquay brand Celtic & Co whom I love so much. The perfect companions for a staycation.

An Alternative Wedding Guest Outfit

This weekend Simon and I are off to celebrate one of our friend's wedding in Central London. So far it's our only wedding of the year, unlike most people I have avoided the wedding craziness that can pounce on people between the ages of 25-40. I have one friend who attended seven last summer! It's our first wedding since Simon and I got married and I'm so excited to be on the other side of it all, no stress, how lovely.

Recently I've Been Loving...

It's been a hot minute since I did a round-up post. I've been busy rebranding and redesigning my website, have I even talked about that on here? Oh well, that's another blog post I need to do. It's all very exciting but it's keeping me on my toes. Anyway, I thought a good way to get me back into the swing of blogging would be to share my current favourite things I've found on the internet. Sit back with a cuppa and enjoy.

Batch Cooking Benefits & Recipes

As I write this post I have a large pot of garlic and basil Marinara sauce simmering away in the kitchen. Since popping along to a batch cooking course at the Waitrose Cookery school I am a meal prep convert. I cook every night and when I'm working from home I also cook myself lunch, that's a lot of time spent by the oven. I wanted to find a way to reduce my time cooking but not hinder the quality of my meals, good food is incredibly important to Simon and me.

Rose, Orange and Rosemary Cocktails

Although we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way I'm really looking forward to our first one as a married couple. Simon and I rarely give each other romantic gifts but St Vals is a great opportunity to get all dressed up, go out to dinner and spend some quality time out of our usual routine. I think these cocktails would be just the thing to end the evening with, probably whilst we're sat on the sofa watching an animal documentary on the BBC!