Perfect Prints For a Bedroom

Finding artwork for your home can be quite a challenge. I've discovered that I can be quite fussy with what I pop up on my walls but as art should express your personality and help set the tone of the room maybe that's not so surprising.  Simon and I usually agree with regards to the design of our home but sometimes we still don't really get along with each other's choices. As an example, he has a lot of brightly coloured books in the living room, where I want everything to be neutral! However, when I found these bird prints on King and Mcgaw I knew that we'd both love them. 

Our Legal Wedding in London

I can't quite believe it's almost been two months since Simon and I got married around the corner from our little flat in London. We actually got married twice this summer, the intimate legal wedding took place in Stoke Newington Town Hall on the 1st of August and just over a month later we had a much larger traditional wedding at my sister's house in Fife, Scotland.

We decided to do the illegal bit here in London to save at the hassle of trying to find celebrant that we liked in Scotland. The Scottish wedding was pretty much a destination wedding for us and took quite a lot of organisation! We agreed that it would be so much simpler to get legally hitched near our flat and have one less thing to worry about in Scotland. It was also absolutely amazing having two completely different weddings, any excuse for more celebrating!

Off On Our Honeymoon!

I've been very quiet on the blogging front recently. Simon and I were recently married (twice) and organising the two celebrations and our honeymoon completely took over my life! We were legally married in Stoke Newington Town hall with our families and then had a huge white wedding with everyone we know at my sister's house in Scotland.

I'll be back to regular blogging once we're back from Greece. I've really missed my little blog.

See you soon!

My London Wedding Jewellery

So, you may have seen that three weeks ago Simon and I got married around the corner from our flat in Stoke Newington Town Hall. Now the legal bit is done we're frantically trying to prepare the big wedding up in Scotland which definitely feels like the real wedding to us. I'll be writing a lot of blog posts covering all sorts of wedding related things over the next few weeks so look out for those, in the mean time I wanted to feature Under the Rose and their beautiful pieces, one of which I wore on the big day.

A Short Stay in Bath

Oh yes, it definitely feels good to be back blogging. If you're wondering why it's been a while I explained it all in my last post but basically, life happened! I've been to Bath a few times and I've found it to be a city that really suits me. There are so many beautiful independent shops, cafes and interesting museums. Some of my favourite spots include Meticulous Ink, The Foodie Bugle and the many vintage furniture shops along London Road. These sorts of interesting indie business help Bath feel like a large village rather than a city.

A Colourful Day in Somerset

Well, it feels quite strange to be back on the blog after a few wedding related weeks off. I didn't mean to abandon my blog but I had no idea just how busy I would be preparing for our legal London ceremony. I naïvely thought that because it was a very small and intimate affair I would simply walk up to the town hall on the day and get the deed done. Instead, the week before leading up to the wedding I decided that I wanted to fully focus on us getting married. I hand painted the place cards and menus for our wedding lunch and I went out with Simon to gather flowers decorate the venue, it was so lovely.

The few manic days I had leading up to the wedding were also incredibly fun and rewarding. Needless to say, it was the best day of our lives so far and I can't wait for wedding part two in Scotland!  I will obviously be sharing a few blog posts about our legal wedding as soon as I get the photographs back from our photographer Sophie. In the meantime, I have a few travel related blog posts that I've been meaning to get up for the longest time.