The Best Swimwear Brands

Ok, London. What's with the weather? As soon as I get back from my holiday you decide to rain all week. Real nice. I ended up missing the heat wave whilst I was in Turkey, I couldn't quite believe that it was hotter in London than up on my mum's roof terrace. I'm sure I'm not alone in planning my next warm getaway as soon as my feet hit English soil. My next holiday is a biggie though, maybe the most exciting one I'll ever have. My honeymoon. My mind wanders away from the important task of booking flights and apartments and onto swimwear. So, here are my favourite places to buy good quality beach wear that will last for years to come.

Time for a little Holiday

I'm hopping on a plane (as I type) to stay at my mum's house in Turkey for a few days, I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Hop on over to my Instagram here to see lots of pretty photos of my travels whilst I'm away. Don't forget - I still have a few spaces left on my affordable Blogging & SEO Masterclass next Sunday.

Catch you on the flip side!


Back when I started this blog I would share anything and everything that I loved, mainly girly fashion picks. Please don't go back and look, it's very embarrassing. I'd like to start that sort of blogging back up again, quick little posts sharing what I've been loving alongside my usual word heavy life stuff!

Today I'm bringing you Pampa, a gorgeous rug company that specialise in Argentinian textiles. Pampa partners with traditional artisan groups and was founded with the desire to protect the woven heritage for the next generation.

My Blogging Workshop

I can't believe its been eight years since I started this blog. It's seen many transformations over the years and I'm so proud that over time I've organically made it into a successful business. Today I want to share the exciting news that I am hosting an affordable blogging and SEO workshop at the end of June.

Bohemian Garden Party Inspiration

Sadly my flat doesn't have a garden but Simon and I would absolutely love to have one, mainly so we can have a little doggy friend. I also really enjoy growing herbs on our balcony so I would love to have a proper vegetable patch one day. A garden is on the top of our must have list for when we're ready to move so because of that and as it's so hot in London right now I thought it would be a great idea to write a garden party inspiration post.